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During more than 40 years of stage performances, MIKE HARVEY has hypnotized thousands of volunteers. Consistently, the results of his inductions and his shows have been amazing, as well as impressive. You can watch Mike create the ultimate comedy show using the power of hypnosis over and over with each show being different because of his use of different volunteers each show. You have never before seen a show like this. You will be amazed! You will become a believer! You will laugh till you cry!

His shows are clean, using no blue humor, and he does not suggest that his volunteers do anything that may embarrass them. He is meticulous in his respect for the individual’s sense of self. The volunteers become the stars of the show.
Mike’s own aura of loving and caring for humanity has to be a major factor in his success. He feels his show offers a warm, human kind of entertainment with considerable personal involvement and audience participation. After watching his show, you will leave knowing that you have been ROYALLY ENTERTAINED!!!!

Hypnotist Mike Harvey may be available for your next event! CALL direct at 727-254-6722.